Admissions Brochure

Part I : Kids

Age: 5-11
Fashion kids model body shape class
Fashion kids Show / Runway Catwalk Class
Private Lesson (one to one)


Part II : Youth

Age: 12+
Model Shape Class
Model Performance / Class
Model plane mannequin shooting class
Model beauty pageant training class
Private Lesson (one to one)


Part III : Mature Woman


Model Temperament Class
Model (cheongsam) performance class
The fourth part

Korean Dance Kpop
Private Lesson (one to one)

Information for admission

The stylist kids  modeling Body Shaping training classes for girls & boys who love performances & with a good sense of music. needs to correct his posture, and intends to perform to the stage!


Model Runway Show class / for male or female
Passionate about showing yourself, cultivating fashion sense, yearning for the Runway performance!


Model body shaping classes / for male or female
Lack of confidence, correct bad leg shape, hunchback, chest, etc., walking, standing and sitting!


Adult model body shaping classes / for male or female
Physical and mental health, shapely body, coordinated body, want to shape body to increase self-confidence and improve temperament!

 *Course Introduction:
Model body etiquette training, model gait training, fixed-point modeling, performance in front of the mirror, music rhythm training, Runway /T-stage clothing display skills, comprehensive training on eyes and expressions, clothing matching skills, Make-up styling, plane shooting skills


 * Training planning after pre-selection of models:
 Through professional detail training, train the body and Promote the temperament to improve the Comprehensive quality and performance ability of the students.

 Provide practical performance opportunities, participate in various fashion activities, model for LA Fashion Week, audition advertisement shooting,transmitting fashion, beauty pageant models and graphic models for various contests to become professional models.